Design, One Place, Two Looks


Design is not only for making something look pretty, it is for displaying a message, an image.  Take these websites for example.  and

Carden-Conservatory-Elementary-School   and    Carden Conservatory Preschool



The same school, but two completely different customers.

One set of customers are bringing their babies to begin their education, they want a softer approach.  An approach that displays the message that it is recognized that its their precious babies coming to this school that they have carefully selected.  Many parents have never left their children prior to this.  They want to know their children will have fun, yet be educated.  That their children will be cared for.   That their children will start to learn social skills.  They want to know their children will have lots of fun, sing, dance and still learn their ABCs!

The other set of customers are  for established children, taking their education more seriously to shape their lives and prepare them for high school and college.  Along with education, they will be mentored into being courteous, caring, goal minded,  learning self respect, pride, and discipline.  Their children will also have some fun and the atmosphere is happy.

What do these two designs tell you?

When you chose someone to build your website, look for someone who wants to learn about your business, your customers, your product,  your message.

Miss Website is here to design your website.   Miss Website will personally take the time to learn about your business and become invested in helping you succeed.

Upon the release of the second website designed for the preschool, enrollment hit maximum!
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