Clearing your browser’s cache

When your website is being altered, often the changes will not show up immediately in your browser.  This is because a local copy of the page has been stored on your electronic device.   This is why pages that you visit often may seem to load faster than pages that you have never visited before or rarely visit.   You will especially notice the speed if the website has many images or photos.  You can force your browser to refresh by following some simple steps.

These commands will work on most browsers.

Hold down the Ctrl key and then press F5 key.   Ctrl-F5

You can also try just F5 or Shift-F5 if the above did not work.

If you want to read up on the specifics for each browser, or if this simple command didnt work, then please view this great guide for almost all browsers:’s-Cache




  1. How neat! Is it really this simelp? You make it look easy.

  2. Bingo! I moved my site from dev when going live and thought I’d found every ocrcrcenue of the URL in all of my files/DB options. Apparently I hadn’t ticked search subfolders when searching the theme directory (sociable CSS in css sociable.css). I guess the images had cached too, which explained why I originally saw them even after moving the pages. Thanks! May 2 at 22:09

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